5 sätt att hålla magen i balans

5 ways to keep your stomach in balance

Do you have problems with your stomach? Often a sore one or a stomach that is simply out of balance but you don't know why and you want to do something about it? Then we have listed 5 ways that you can keep your stomach in balance:

1. Belly Boost superfood

Belly Boost is a superfood mix that has 7 ingredients that help maintain normal balance in the stomach, intestines and natural dietary supplements in powder form. All ingredients have a low FODMAP and are adapted for IBS problems.

Belly Boost contains

- Lemongrass

- Fenugreek

- Psyllium Husk

- Star anise

- Baobab

- Cinnamon

- Ginger  

2. Chew food thoroughly & eat slowly

It is always good to take time when eating and that you chew the food properly. Digestion can take a while and the stomach works hard to digest the food. It is an easier process if the food is properly chewed because then the stomach does not have to work as hard. If you also eat slowly, your stomach has time for the food you put in you and does not have to adapt.

3. Training 

It is always important to move during the day, at least 30 minutes every day. Moving supports digestion and avoids possible constipation. It doesn't have to be a gym session, you might as well take a walk.

4. Drink water

It is always good to drink water, water also helps with the digestive process. In the case of an unbalanced stomach, it is a trick that almost always works. Water is made so that you do not have a hard stomach because it dissolves the food as well.

5. Eat at regular times

When you eat at regular times, your stomach learns when to eat again. The stomach works in a way that it has a "food clock" with hormones and nerve signals that tune in to how you usually eat. Therefore, you should not wait too long to eat or have different times every day, it is fine to wait 30 minutes extra different days.

Coachens 5 tips – så får du tillbaka magen i balans | Kurera.se

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