72-hour detox treatment

If you experience fatigue, irritation, recurring colds, intestinal or stomach problems, then there may be signals that your body has started to store slag products. 

Liver and kidneys are our treatment plant and they work for us constantly. Unfortunately, the body and our organs are burdened more than we are created to with our modern lifestyle. Much of the food today is processed and contains unnatural additives and too little nutrition. Stress and lack of recovery also strain the body.When the body's "detoxification system" is allowed to work at full speed, they do not have time for their job fully and the slag substances that normally leave the body are stored instead.

The detox cure can help you

  • clean out slag products

  • support the body's cleansing process

  • increase nutrient uptake in the intestine

  • give the body a chance to recover

  • restore the body's pH balance

    This is what one of our satisfied customers said about the cure

    “I feel so good! This cure was super-simple and I got rid of my bad habits in three days. The body feels light and I got my energy back! Many thanks! 
                                                                                                 - Birgitta

    The cure for your well-being

    The 72-hour detox regimen is there to give your body a chance to recover by eating easily digestible and cleansing foods. The recipes consist of green drinks, smoothies, salads and our superfood mixesDetox Deluxe,Berry BeautifulandBelly Boost.
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