Maria healed her body with superfood

Maria has lived with hypothyroidism for over a decade. A few years ago, her health problems escalated and she was diagnosed with chronic urethritis and Reynolds syndrome. The doctors suggested new and more medicines and different treatments, but nothing helped. Then she took matters into her own hands and ate her way to a healthy body.

When it was at its worst, Maria was afraid that she would never get well. No doctor seemed to be able to help her get rid of her pain, nor could she explain what was causing her problems. The treatments did not help and Maria did not want to take more medication. Instead, she began to explore natural ways to feel better.

– I found a person who had healed with the help of changes in the diet and she had described her journey in detail. This was the starting shot for my own journey; I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a try. I soon switched to a vegan diet and removed sugar, gluten and dairy products. I increased my intake of fruits and vegetables through daily green smoothies. In addition, I natural food with high nutrient density that helped to strengthen and heal the body so-called superfoods.

Could greatly reduce its dose
Slowly but surely, the urethritis disappeared and the other results were not long in coming. Today, Maria has no symptoms of her Reynolds and has also been able to reduce the dose of her hypothyroidism medication from 125mcg to 25mcg a day.

– The results made me read even more and then I found a large number of clinical studies on superfoods different effects on the body. Based on this, I put together my own diet plan with several different superfoods. However, I ended up with my kitchen filled with tens of bags of different superfood powders and it was not very practical. Hence i decided to start making ready mixes. That is where the idea was bornSuperfood & berries. 

Launches a new onehealth plan
Today it has been just over five months since Maria launched her first products in Superfood & berries. The product range includes the superfood mixesBerry Beautiful,Detox Deluxe,Hormone Harmony, Health Haven andProtein Power. All have different uses and do not contain any additives, whether sugar or flavors or colors.

– Many people are used to protein powders and powerbars that are full of sweeteners and taste like a dessert; my mixes do not. Instead, they have a fresh, natural taste, which may be a little above at first but which you quickly learn to appreciate. To make the transition easier, we have a great onerecipe blog, With everything fromhealthy smoothiesandmumsiga scones tocreamy dressings andsuperfoodglass, which makes it easy to incorporate superfoods into your regular diet. Now I am also launching a five-dayhealth planwhich is based on the food I myself ate to heal.

Easy way to eat more greens
Maria emphasizes that superfoods are not a quick fix but that it takes a while before you see results. Even now, however, she has received feedback from customer who feel better about adding superfood to their diet.

– A customer, like me, has had problems with the thyroid gland and has told me that she is experiencing a clear improvement. Others have heard of it and reported reduced stomach problems and increased energy. However, it is not just people with health problems who appreciate superfoods, one of my best customers simply wants to get more fruit and vegetables for himself and his children and sees this as an easy way to do it. In short, it is a natural way to improve your overall wellbeing and take care of your health, Maria concludes..

Sandra Ahlqvist,