About us


My name is Maria and I founded Superfood & berries 2020, with the purpose of helping others to improve their wellbeing, the same way I have done with superfood.

I started Superfood & berries since I had experienced first hand the body's ability to heal with the help of good nutrition. I have had hypothyroidism for over ten years and have taken synthetic hormones that did not fully help me. Over time, other health problems emerged, such as urethritis and Raynaud's syndrome - problems that no doctor could explain or cure.

That's when I started reading everything I came across regarding the body's ability to self-heal with the help of the right diet. I made my own recipes with various superfoods, fruits and vegetables. With daily superfood-smoothies and pure vegan diet, my thyroid has gotten much better and all my previous health issues and symptoms are gone.

The insight and understanding of how food affects our health and well-being was the driving force behind creating Superfood & berries. The superfood mixes I have created here are the same ones I have used to heal. The advantage of buying ready-made mixtures is to avoid searching through a jungle of products with complicated names in the health-stores. Here you'll get them ready to use and adapted for different needs.

If you have any questions, wishes and feedback, please do reach out to us hej@superfoodandberries.se.

Hope you enjoy!

Maria & Superfood & berries


Maria och barn på stranden