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Berry Beautiful refill

Berry Beautiful refill

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Berry Beautiful is a mix with five different superfoods. Filled with antioxidants and vitamins this mix helps keeping a vibrant skin and maintain a strong immune system. This blend contains lucuma, ashwagandha, baobab, blueberry and acai. 200g.
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Lucuma (40%) is a fruit from South America and is packed with nutrition. Lucuma is rich in antioxidants, potassium, beta-carotene, iron, proteins, fiber, zinc and potassium and is traditionally called the "god of the Inca people".

Ashwagandha (30%) is an herb that has traditionally been important to manage stress and concentration. Ashwagandha is also used in natural health to help maintain normal cortisol levels and the thyroid hormone.

Baobab (20%) is a mythical tree that grows in Africa and is a fantastic source of nutrition. The fruit contains more vitamin C than kiwis and more magnesium than banana. With its 50% dietary fiber, the fiber content is higher than most fruits and it is also loaded with zinc and copper and also calcium and potassium.

Blueberry (5%) is one of our most antioxidant-rich foods and contains vitamins C, E & B and the minerals iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Blueberries also contain polyphenes.

Acai (5%) is a black-purple berry that grows in the Amazon. The acai berry is called a superfood due to its high content of nutrients and antioxidants, such as the polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and and omega-6, vitamins A and E as well as iron, potassium and calcium.


Berry Beautiful has a natural sweetness in it, thanks to the Lucuma fruit. Berry Beautiful has a berry taste with a slight hint of vanilla. When mixed in a drink, it gives a light purple color from blueberries. It mixes well with most other fruits, berries and vegetables and also in pastries and eg raw balls.

Nutrition value

Nutritional value Per 100 g
Energy 1260 kj / 300 kcal
Fat 1.7 g
- of which saturated fat 0.4 g
Carbohydrates 57.3 g
- of which sugars 13.7 g
Fibers 20.8 g
Protein 3.3 g
Salt 0 g


Berry Beautiful can be taken regularly or during periods when you want to give the body a beauty treatment from within. Mix 1 teaspoon of powder directly in a cup with warm milk or make a smoothie with 1 teaspoon of powder mixed with banana, water or milk. The powder mix can also be sprinkled directly over, for example, yoghurt or porridge.

Use:1 - 2 tsp / day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Birgitta Öberg
Hottat upp gröten

Jag tar en tsk Barry Beautiful i gröten varje morgon, känns nyttigt.


Använder berry beautiful i min smootie på morgonen, vilket fungerar kanonbra. Känner mig piggare och mer energi.

Linda Lundborg

Har använt förkort tid känner jag för att säga nått men god smak iaf🙂

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