Fabulous Five

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Five of our best supermixes in one package.

For you who want to maximize the effects of all our carefully selected superfoods. Great for a fasting period or when you have decided to focus on your well-being for real. Fabulous Five contains:

  • Protein Power  organic powder mix - filled with plant-based proteins and natural energy.
  • Hormone Harmony Organic powder mix - with ashwagandha and four other superfoods if used in Ayurveda to balance hormones, regulate stress and strengthen the thyroid gland.
  • Health Haven organic powder mix - on spirulina and four other superfoods used in natural medicine to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.
  • Detox Deluxe organic powder mix - on superfood that is traditionally used to cleanse the body, remove acidification and increase energy.
  • Berry Beautiful organic powder mix - filled with antioxidants and on superfoods used in natural medicine to counteract cravings, balance blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Our powder mixes can be ingested regularly or in periods when the body need a health boost.Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with warm vegan milk or make a smoothie of about 1 tablespoon of powder and banana, berries, water or vegan milk. The powder can also be sprinkled directly over yoghurt, porridge or salad. If you have not tried superfood powder before, we recommend that you start with a smaller amount and taste it.

Taste: Please read more under the specific product pages about the taste of the mixers. Since we have not added either sugar or other flavors, it may sometimes need to be mixed with fruit and berries for natural sweetness.

PS. All our products are 100 organic, gluten-free, vegan and contain no additives..


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Cristina L.
Spain Spain

Great product and excellent customer service!

Superfood & Berries

Thanks a lot Cristina for buying our products, happy to hear you liked them!