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5 Tips for getting started with training

The most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of disease and feel good is to exercise, move regularly and eat right. Here are our top five tips to get started with training.

1. Objective & Motivation

Exercising should be fun, so choose an activity that you enjoy. There are so many different ways to activate the body and it is important to find what feels right. Having a clear goal image increases motivation and the chances of success. It is therefore good to think about why you want to exercise and what motivates you in particular.

It can be for private reasons, a better physique, reducing illnesses or just getting better health. Some are motivated by training with others, by themselves or are inspired by social media (Youtube, Instagram, etc.). The will will get you through all obstacles. Motivation helps you on the run and it can be good to have a reminder sometimes on, for example, your mobile phone so you don't forget why you start. You can also splurge on new training clothes, which usually helps to become more motivated.

2. Planning

Make a plan for how you will achieve your goals.

  • What do you want to achieve with the training (weight loss, increase strength or pain relief, etc.))
  • How much do you want to train (important not to start with too high demands and then increase your training.))
  • How do you want to reach your goals (what type of training, the gym, at home, with friends or alone, etc.))

There is a lot that can get in the way, so it is good to plan the training in a calendar to reduce obstacles in advance. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time depending on private life and then you can use the transport to and from work. Walking or cycling is a good option.

3.Have SMART goals

S=Specifically. Have specific goals.

M=Measurable. Make sure it's possible to measure how well you're meeting your goals.

A=Accepted. Do something you enjoy and that is fun, that you can accept and not do because you have to.

R=Realistic. A smart goal should be realistic, don't start too hard, but keep in mind that it should work in the long run and increase over time instead.

T=Time. It can be good to have a time frame for your goals, short-term and long-term goals, and then adjust after a certain time how you are doing.

4.Eat right

With training also comes nutrition and that makes a big difference in results and health. Clean, natural diet and varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is always the best for the body. If you want to build muscle, you should increase your protein and carbohydrate intake. Supplements can speed up your results and get you closer to your goal. Most people who train often use extra protein. SpringProtein Powerworks perfectly for those who want extra protein 100% organic, vegan and contains no extra additives. Perfect for taking regularly or in periods when you exercise and want to give your body an extra boost of energy.

5. Rest & Recovery

Resting the body when you exercise is just as important as the diet you take in. Rest makes training better and also reduces the risk of injury and overload. Many people forget to recover, but with the right dose of recovery and exercise, the body and mind will be strengthened. You get more power both physically and mentally which gives a positive development.

Don't forget that the best training is actually the one that gets done. Don't be too hard on yourself in the beginning. On some days, time may feel short or the motivation may then be a tip to practice a shorter session. A 20-30 minute walk is better than no exercise at all.


Good luck!



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