Detox - storstädning av kroppen

Detox - major cleansing of the body

A detox is a type of major cleansing of the body. After a detox feel
you often feel more energetic and healthy.

A detox cleanses and strengthens the body from the inside. It is because everything you eat and drink settles in the body. Not least the liver. If the liver becomes overloaded, it cannot do its job. It, in turn, then settles on other systems and organs inside the body, which also do not do their jobs.

We created the superfood mix Detox Deluxe, precisely to draw out stored toxins
(e.g. alcohol, plastics from food, heavy metals from diet, etc.) that have been stored for several years.

What does a day look like?

When you wake up: A green superfood drink
Breakfast: Breakfast smoothie
Lunch: Healthy salad + lemon or ginger water
Coffee: Any fruit/vegetable Dinner: Superfood smoothie/soup

Our 5-day program is simple recipes that can be changed and varied as long as you stick to the diet included in the plan.

You can e.g. choose to have a smoothie for lunch and the salad for dinner if you so wish. If you get hungry between meals, we have also included various wonderful suggestions for coffee/snacks.

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72 timmars detoxkur

Click on the image to open the 5-day feel-good diet

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Please get in touch, we'd love to know how it went! 

Good luck!


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