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Clean Balance Product Package

Clean Balance Product Package

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The Clean Balance package is designed to cleanse and maintain the body's normal hormone balance. With organic ingredients, Detox Deluxe supports you in a natural way to eliminate toxins and impurities. Then strengthen with Harmone Harmony, which supports, counteracts stress reactions in the body, and contributes to normal hormone levels, calmness, and focus. A great package for those in menopause, or who want to support normal thyroid levels, unwind, and maintain normal hormonal balance. Here you get the products in one package - also at a discounted price (10% off).

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Hormone Harmony contains ashwagandha, lucuma, maca, cinnamon and goji berries - completely natural & vegan diet in powder form. 400g. Detox Deluxe contains superfoods such as wheatgrass, spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and blueberries. 200g.


Ashwagandhan gives a very special, slightly bitter taste to Hormone Harmony. It mixes well with flavors such as cinnamon and/or cardamom and is excellent in a cup of warm milk with some spices and possibly raw honey. In a smoothie, this mix goes well with banana, berries and fruit for sweetness, plus possibly fresh ginger or turmeric. Hormone Harmony gives a faint beige color to everything it mixes with. Detox Deluxe has a"green"and slightly grassy taste. Some like to drink this directly with water and a squeeze of lemon as a green shot, while others prefer to hide the taste in e.g. a smoothie. Then it mixes well with blueberries, bananas and other frozen berries or fruit that add sweetness. Detox Deluxe gives a fantastically nice green color to everything it is mixed with.

Nutrition value

Hormone Harmony Nutritional value Per 100 g Energy 1296 kj/307 kcal Fat 1.1 g - of which saturated fat 0.2 g Carbohydrates 63.5 g - of which sugars 15.4 g Fiber 13.5 g Protein 5.3 g Salt 0, 01 g Detox Deluxe Nutritional value Per 100 g Energy 1284 kj/306 kcal Fat 2.1 g - of which saturated fat 0.4 g Carbohydrates 22.4 g - of which sugars 7.4 g Fiber 26.5 g Protein 36.1 g Salt 0 g


Hormone Harmony can be taken regularly or in periods when you want to create balance. Mix 1 teaspoon with warm milk, cinnamon and cardamom for a relaxing evening drink or make a smoothie of about 1 teaspoon powder, 1 banana, fruit and berries water or milk. The powder is also good for sprinkling over yogurt or, for example, porridge. If you have not tried superfood powder before, we recommend that you start with a smaller amount and taste your way. Use:1 - 2 teaspoons/day Detox Deluxe can be taken regularly or in periods when you want to give your body a beauty treatment from the inside. It is particularly well suited on an empty stomach and we recommend making a green drink immediately in the morning:Mix 1 teaspoon directly in water with a squeeze of lemon. This mix is also good as a smoothie on 1 tablespoon of powder mixed with banana, mango, water or milk, or in salad dressings and green sauces. Take a look at our recipe blog, there is also a recipe for an organic face mask at Detox Deluxe. If you haven't tried superfood powder before, we recommend that you start with a small amount and taste your way. Use:1 - 2 tsp/day

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Novak
Märker direkt skillnad

Ljuvliga förpackningar med väldigt bra innehåll! Märker direkt skillnad på både kroppen och sinnet efter bara några dagars användning! Tumme upp!

Elin S
Hormone Harmony

Fantastiskt god dryck. Blandar med kanel och kardemumma varje kväll. Blir så lugn och avslappnad.

Bra produkter

Snabb leverans och får snabbt svar vid frågor.
Känner ett inre lugn och sover bättre efter att ha använt Hormone Harmony i ett par veckor.


Tycker det är så smidigt med dessa superfoods, då det går snabbt att få i sig mycket näring! Jag mår så bra av att ha i dessa i mina smoothies eller bara ha i vatten och dricka som de är. Är jättenöjd!


Att kunna starta morgonen med ett glas som ger balans känns perfekt. Som nybliven mamma har jag ingen aning om hur resten av dagen blir med matintag. Varken när eller vad det blir. Men starten varje dag blir ändå bra.